Yunwoo Choi’s Amazing Sculptures Inspired by Multiple Dimensions

“What is real? Where am I living? What do I perceive is the real?” artist Yunwoo Choi asks. “Are invisible things — like my emotions, supernatural phenomena, dreams, God, Tao — real? Do they have some space of their own? Are people really living in the same plane or dimension even though they feel differently about the same situation? These questions are the starting point for my work.” Choi’s enormous, mindboggling sculptures, which we first spotted over at Visual News, are crafted out of magazines and newspapers and suspended in space, inspired by his readings on theoretical physics and multiple dimensions, works by the philosopher Ken Wilber and Taoist and Buddhist texts. “With this idea of overlapping dimensions,” he writes, “I have begun to think that invisible and intangible matter physically exist in those hidden spaces.” We don’t know whether these sculptures represent multiple dimensionality or not, but we do know that they kind of blow our minds. Click through to see some of our favorite pieces from Choi’s collection, and then be sure to head over to his website to check out even more of his work.

Image credit: Yunwoo Choi