15 Inspiring, Cleverly-Organized Stacks of Books

It’s no secret that we’re all major bookworms here at Flavorpill, but sometimes it feels like the small-but-charming living spaces we call home can’t quite accommodate our literary inclinations. There’s simply nowhere to cram all of our paperbacks. And while swooning over gorgeous bookshelves is entertaining, today we’re here to offer up a few more immediate solutions. If you also happen to suffer from an apartment that’s overrun by books, take some cues from this post, and embrace the stacks that are piling up around you by cleverly incorporating them into your interior decor. From creating eye-catching, affordable art to crafting a functional bedside table, click through to check out the very best design solutions for an unruly, out of control library that’s more hoarder than harmonious.

Numabookface, a collaboration between Nam and Numabooks. Image credit: Cool Hunting

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Nicole Dunlap
Nicole Dunlap

Wow, this is nothing but piles of books. There's no order or anything remotely resembling the cleverness promised in the title of this article. I came here expecting some cool ideas on how to arrange my books and instead I got an idea of how to lay on top of them or just pile them up like trash on the stairs. Geeze. 


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