Carsten Witte’s Dark, Ghostly Flower Close-Ups

You’d think, over the course of thousands of years of art history, artists would have run out of ways to depict one of their favorite subjects: flowers. But, as Carsten Witte‘s breathtaking Metamorphose series reaffirms, the right eye can make even the most clichéd subject seem new. In this follow-up to his equally gorgeous project The Secret Life of Plants, the Hamburg-based photographer gets close enough to flowers at all stages of their lives to showcase the dark side of their ephemeral beauty. From the coldly elegant lines of buds captured in black and white to the silky textures and saturated colors of petals just about to fall, our favorite shots from Metamorphose are after the jump. If you’re interested in seeing more of Witte’s work, be sure to visit his Behance page.

Photo credit: Carsten Witte