Famous and Fabulous Library Cats

Although we haunt our local libraries regularly, we advocate them as a great summer hangout spot to keep your brains from being scrambled by the sun. Our motto during the dog days of summer is, “Come for the books, stay for the cats.” We’re talking about the feline guardians of fiction and non-fiction that live in libraries across the world. Some were hired to control the rodent population, others for the sheer enjoyment of staff and patrons. Books and cats have always been two great things that go great together. Meet a few famous library cats after the jump that take naps in the reference section, work the circulation desk, and warmly greet visitors.

Dewey Readmore Books

Iowa’s Spencer Public Library welcomed beloved library mascot Dewey in 1988 after someone left him in the book return bin. The community welcomed him with open arms and helped provide for his care. The orange, longhaired Dewey expressed his thanks by greeting people, hanging out during library meetings, and taking advantage of photo ops with those who drove many miles to meet him. After 19 years — many of which were spent patrolling the Spencer Library stacks — Dewey passed away in 2006. Since then, his literature-loving spirit has inspired a book (Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World) and a film starring Meryl Streep that has languished in development for several years. Since Dewey’s passing, retired library director Vicki Myron adopted a new cat named Page Turner. She’s visited Spencer, but has not taken over Dewey’s former role.