25 Behind-the-Scenes Movie Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

[Editor’s note: It’s Labor Day, so your devoted Flavorwire team is taking a break. To keep you entertained, we’re leaving you with our most popular features of the summer months. This post originally ran July 30th.] If you’re a regular Flavorwire reader, then you already know that we love behind-the-scenes photos from classic (and cult classic) films. We can’t get enough of seeing great directors at work and movie stars laughing it up between takes, but the set photos we like best are the ones that mess with our mind. These are the pictures that cast our favorite cinematic moments in a new light, exposing some epic landscape shot for the scale model it is or revealing that some iconic outdoor scenes were actually created in the controlled environment of the studio or merely reminding us that intimate exchanges between lovers are usually filmed with a full crew. After the jump, we round up 25 behind-the-scenes snaps sure to take you right out of the movie.

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