A Selection of Bands Named After Songs by Other Bands

In amongst the smoking wasteland that’s this week’s album release schedule, we did spy a record by Atlanta up-and-comers Ponderosa — their second album, in fact, which is out this week. We’ve been kinda dimly aware of the band over the last year or so, and always assumed that they took their band name from the most excellent Tricky song of the same name. It turns out that as far as we can tell, this is not the case, but regardless, this did catalyze an intra-office discussion about bands who genuinely are named after songs or albums by other bands. There are plenty about — here are some of the most notable. Let us know if we’ve forgotten anyone.


Named for the second track off Roxy Music’s glorious debut album, Ladytron certainly have the louche glamor of Bryan Ferry et al down pat, and their synth-driven sounds also owe more than a little to a certain Mr. Brian Eno, who was very much still a member of Roxy Music when “Ladytron” was recorded. It seems that Eno rather likes them, too.