10 Graphic Novels That Would Make Awesome TV Shows

To our delight, we recently found out that one of our favorite graphic novelists, Daniel Clowes, is working on a pilot for HBO. Though Clowes’s new TV show is apparently an original, the news got us thinking about great graphic novels that we think would be absolutely perfect for television. Note: for simplicity’s sake, we’ve excluded graphic novels that have already been made into movies (Clowes’s Ghost World, Persepolis, Watchmen) or are best known as series (Sandman, Tintin). Click through to check out which graphic novels we desperately want to see for six seasons and a movie, and then let us know which ones you’d watch on the small screen in the comments.

The Death Ray, Daniel Clowes

How’s this for a superhero origin story — orphaned teenager (complete with obnoxious sidekick) discovers he has superpowers whenever he takes a puff of a cigarette. A morally complicated story that both indulges in and subverts the age-old tropes of the superhero genre, our only issue with this book is that it’s too short, so we’d love to see Clowes expound on the idea with 22 episodes at his disposal.