10 Secretly Athletic TV Characters

In keeping with our intense and very serious coverage of the Olympics, today we’re spotlighting the lesser-known athletes of some of our favorite television shows. While some characters, like Chris Traeger and Schmidt, consider fitness one of their defining attributes, others play more coy, keeping their athletic abilities all but hidden. Click through for our roundup of these “secret” career highlights, which includes everything from Jazz-Kwon-Do and archery to spin class, as well as some names you might recognize, including Betty Draper, Marge Simpson, and Pete Hornberger. Have we overlooked any of your favorite characters’ athletic achievements? Let us know in the comments.

30 Rock: Pete Hornberger

Many don’t know it, but before TGS, Pete was valedictorian of his high school class, fourth guitarist in Loverboy, and an Olympic archer. Unfortunately, he was never able to compete at the Olympics due the Moscow Games boycott, which is a shame considering that his catchphrase — “Yes, Hornberger!” — would have surely taken the country by storm.