Ridiculous Photos of Chicks (as in Baby Chickens) Wearing Diamonds

Here’s a little something to lighten up your Monday. From Peter Lippmann, who photographed fancy shoes while reenacting famous paintings from art history, here’s something even less hefty and a bit more fluffy, or feathery, if you will. Spotted by Trendland, here are some Luxury Chicks shot for Marie Claire. In the editorial, chickens and roosters don haute bijoux from Cartier, Buccellati, Van Cleef & Arpels, and others. Sparkly. Seeing these animals puff out their chests, pose in their fiercely ruffled head feathers, and stand there, beaks half-open dangling gems… seems like commentary on the shallowness of a capitalist fashion world that relies on soulless human mannequins peddling shiny things. OK, maybe that was too heavy an analysis. Anyway, chickens!

Image credit: Peter Lippmann