Bizarre Photos of People Crammed in Strange Spaces

Looking at these photos spotted by Beautiful Decay and created by Lee Materazzi might make you physically uncomfortable. Rather than using Photoshop to digitally manipulate her images, the San Francisco-based photographer — who actually considers herself more of a sculptor — cleverly places her subjects into strange situations, burying their bodies in the ground and placing their heads in confined spaces. The result? A twisted, and often darkly hilarious version of daily life where people are plagued by the world that surround them them.

“I find much significance in the small somewhat mundane details of life,” Materazzi has explained. “A lot of the time the small things can be great metaphors for an understanding of the bigger picture. It is very easy for people to overlook routines within their life, as it is the big eventful moments that stand out more. I have never been one for the monumental but rather the simple and understated.” Click through to check out some of our favorite examples of her work, and visit Materazzi’s website to see even more mind-bending photos.

Photo credit: Lee Materazzi