10 Artifacts from Literature That We Wish Were Real

This week, we stumbled upon some interesting news: that a specific strain of fictional marijuana — Elephant Crush, from Mark Haskell Smith’s Baked — had been created in the real world. “I’m totally surprised and delighted that someone would grow a fictional strain,” Smith said. “What happens when you smoke it? Do you enter a fictional world?” If only. Inspired by this recent development, we got to thinking about some fictional items from literature that we wish were real — and we’re talking real real, not collector’s item real. Click through to see what we came up with, and let us know which fictional objects you dream of owning in the comments.

The alethiometer from His Dark Materials

Lyra’s alethiometer has always been one of our most coveted fictional items. While it tells a skilled user the truth — past, present or future — we’ve always found it particularly compelling because it relies on symbols, each with various layers of meaning, and gives its holder the feeling of the truth, not a simple glimmering vision.