Flavorpill Goes to Africa! Vol. 4: Maputo

The appeal of ultra-portable computers is kinda self-explanatory: they’re ultra portable! Or that’s the idea, at least – the combination of light weight and low profile means you can take them just about anywhere. Anywhere? Well, let’s see. In conjunction with our friends at Samsung, we’ve equipped one of our intrepid editors – specifically, Music Editor and general man-about-Flavorpill Tom Hawking – with the new Samsung Series 9 laptop and sent him off on a trip likely to really put the machine through its paces: a journey through Africa for three weeks! He started off in Cairo, made brief stops in Addis Ababa and Dar Es Salaam, ten days later, he’s blazed down the continent’s east coast to arrive in Maputo, the idyllic beachside capital of Mozambique.

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“Nairobi? Fuck that shit. You should go to Mozambique. Mozambique’s where it’s at.”

So said a friend of mine when I apprised him of the first tentative itinerary for our East African adventure, and after a bit of research, I decided he might have a point. So instead of heading from Tanzania to the capital of Kenya, a city that goes by the rather disconcerting nickname Nai-Robbery, I decide instead to keep heading south and hole up in Maputo for a few days.

The idea sounds great — Mozambique’s Portuguese heritage means it has a distinctly different atmosphere to the rest of Africa’s east coast, making it more like a weird trans-Atlantic transplant of a lost slice of Brazil than a part of Africa. I head to the city expecting to find beach parties and awesome music and Africa’s answer to Copacabana.

The reality, it turns out, is rather different — less exciting, perhaps, but in some ways all the more fascinating.