10 of the Most Unnecessary Side Projects in Music History

Things about which we are tired of hearing include: Wavves. As such, we greeted the news that Nathan Williams has a bitchin’ new side project with his bro with stony indifference — frankly, the last thing anyone needs to hear at this point is Wavves and his brother making a hip-hop record under the adolescent-tastic name Sweet Valley. (You’ll never guess, but he’s done an interview with VICE about it, in which he answers the hard-hitting question “Are you bored with rock ‘n’ roll?” with a deeply heartfelt “Yeah, I suppose so. At times.”) Still, it’s not the most gratuitously unnecessary side project in music history… Not compared to the ones after the jump.

Dee Dee Ramone’s hip-hop side project

The gold standard for ill-advised ventures into rap, although at least Ramone’s inexplicable decision to reinvent himself as Dee Dee King had something of a cheesy, so-bad-it’s-actually-kinda-awesome appeal. Among other things, Standing in the Spotlight — the one and only album Ramone recorded under the Dee Dee King moniker — included a song called “Commotion in the Ocean,” which contains the lyric, “A lesson I learned out of this/ I am not a fish.” Quite.