Pop Culture Heroes Show Off Their Best Dance Moves

In his excellent and irreverent Tumblr, Dancer a Day, which we recently spotted over at thaeger, Jesse Lonergan serves up cheeky, joyful illustrations of his favorite pop culture figures dancing. But it’s not just superheroes — Lonergan mines everything from Woody Allen’s Sleeper to Breaking Bad to every ’90s Saturday morning TV standby hero you can imagine (Jem!) with a few real people thrown in there for kicks. Each drawing is fun on its own, but it’s really when clicking through a series — or hey, the whole collection — that you begin to appreciate the sweetness and joy of this project. Plus, when you run across a favorite, there’s always that little, ahem, shimmy of excitement. Click through to check out a few of our favorites (so far) from Lonergan’s project, and then be sure to head over to Dancer a Day to see the entire set.

Image credit: Jesse Lonergan