Voyeuristic Photos of Inscriptions Found in Used Books

Is there anything more intimate than scrawling an inscription into a book that you’re giving to someone? Whether it’s simple a significant date or a personal message, it’s one of those things that you don’t really think about other people — let alone perfect strangers — ever setting eyes on. Spotted by PSFK, Julianne Aguila‘s ongoing Together, As Always project is a fascinating digital archive of the inscriptions that the Texas-based artist has discovered inside of second-hand books that she purchased at thrift stores across her home state.

“Almost no one seems to make any attempt to remove the inscription, even if it was written in pencil,” she explains. “As a result, these books feel like they still belong to someone, as though to own them is to own a stranger’s secrets. The thrill of these objects is their mystery and their unwillingness to let go of the past.” Click through to take a peek at a curated selection of books from Aguila’s growing archive.

Keep On. Image credit: Together, As Always

“Jackie & Bonnie —
Keep on the

Go Away Come Closer
Terry Hershey
1990, Word Publishing