Psychedelic Flyers Documenting Detroit’s 1960s Music Scene

Detroit’s Grande Ballroom is a piece of music history. Famed promoter Russ Gibb bought the former dance hall in 1966, and the venue became a psychedelic hangout to watch bands like The Who, Jeff Beck, Janis Joplin, MC5, Cream, Buddy Guy, and Fleetwood Mac. The colorful musical period lives on in a collection of handbills that website Retronaut spotted on Flickr from member Detroit Bob. We’ve featured some of the mind-bending flyer collection past the break, which includes artwork from well-known artists like Gary Grimshaw, Carl Lundgren, Harry Pumpkins, and Donnie Dope. It’s cool to see acts like Fleetwood Mac paired with The Stooges amongst the 1967 and 1968 shows — both bands still quite new to the scene. Click through for more electrifying handbills, and visit Flickr for the details behind each show.

Image credit: Detroit Bob