São Paulo’s Crazy Phone Booth Public Art Project

100 artists matched with 100 phone booths. That’s the simple concept behind Call Parade, an ambitious public art project dreamed up by phone carrier Vivo that’s currently taking over the streets of São Paulo. The goal? To transform the booths from an easy target for vandals into something that people will respect and want to interact with. According to Brazilian photographer Mariane Borgomani, who has graciously shared her shots of the made-over booths with us, it’s working.

“It was a great surprise to see that these phone booths have been there for more than three months, and they’re still intact,” she writes. “They’re not just being used to make calls, but people actually go there just to see them and be amazed.” Click our slideshow to check out some Call Parade highlights, then head over to the project’s website to see the remaining designs and vote for your favorite!

Photo credit: Mariane Borgomani