A Collection of Great Art Made by TV Characters

We’ve done a fair amount of coverage on the burgeoning field of TV pop art in recent years, but we haven’t yet looked at the art directly from these fictional universes. From Jesse Pinkman’s Kanga-man and James Franco’s inexplicable self-portraits as “Franco” to Lily Aldrin’s nudes of both Marshall and Barney, we’ve rounded up the TV character art that has shocked, delighted, confused, and left us downright heartbroken. Have some professional criticism? Were Jesse Pinkman’s “lines” as great as Jane said they were? Is there a piece we didn’t include (and that you may or may not have facsimiled for your own wall)? Please share in the comments! 

Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman’s superheroes 

In a memorable Jesse/Jane moment in Season 2, Jesse showed Jane some of his “kid” drawings, including “Kanga-man”(half-man/half kangaroo) and “Rewindo” (formerly known as “Backwardo”) because he walks backwards. Jane sweetly noted the striking resemblance between Jesse and his creations, and also the fact that his Kanga-man is actually a “she” because males kangaroos don’t have pouches. Sigh, we miss her too.