Fascinating Tintypes of Old New York

You know those guys. They scour the vintage shops, shuffling through piles of old photographs, and fish deep in their great grandparents’ trunks for ancient, fragile sheets of metal. By luck, good fortune, or advanced, time-consuming quests, they dig up gems like this photo of a swimming team in Coney Island, looking regal in stripes. Or that one, from the turn-of-the-century Bronx, crusting over with rust and other chemical misfortunes, smiling through the centuries. Please take our kudos, collectors, for every found photo you’ve lovingly uploaded to the Internet and made our picture of New York just that more complete and charming. Oh my god. Those hats! Check out a few tintypes in our gallery and be sure to visit their Flickr pages for even more vintage photo goodness.

Mammoth Photograph Gallery, Surf Avenue, Opposite Sea Beach, Coney Island, New York. Image credit: Tony Alter/Flickr