Gravity-Defying Pools That Take Swimming to New Heights

If the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao’s swimming pool is to be believed, people aren’t content with lounging on inflatable creatures in their backyard pool anymore. They want a truly unique — and dizzying — experience.

We spotted the 24-story high indoor pool on Geekologie, but the hotel isn’t alone in this gravity-defying trend. These “hanging” pools allow swimmers to soak in the world around them, and they’re particularly handy for architects that want to provide swim-friendly amenities for clients short on space — especially in big cities. Take a dip in the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao’s swimming pool past the break , and see other amazing, floating pools that require an adventurous spirit.

Sky-high, glass-bottomed pool

The Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao’s indoor swimming pool is perched atop the 24-story building. While that itself is not so unusual for a big city natatorium, the part of the pool that protrudes from the building and suspends swimmers in mid-air, is. Singapore firm Chan Sau Yan Associates constructed the glass-bottomed pool, which allows swimmers and pedestrians to gaze at each other. The view is incredible — if you don’t have a fear of heights.