Movies That Stole Their Plots from ‘The Twilight Zone’

Okay, we’re not accusing these movies of actually stealing their plots from The Twilight Zone, but our recent Netflix binges in the Zone have revealed more than a few familiar stories. With all those addictive twists and turns, who can really blame The Truman Show or Final Destination for using Rod Serling’s thrilling TV show as inspiration? The latest flick to raise our Twilight Zone brow, Zoe Kazan’s adorable Ruby Sparks, gave us the idea to gather a list of some popular films that may or may not have taken plot points from the acclaimed series. Check ’em out (and a couple spoilers, so proceed with caution) after the jump, and hit the comments to lets us know of any other films that seem to be missing Serling’s classic opening and closing narrations.

Ruby Sparks (2012) / “A World of His Own” (1960)

Ruby Sparks is about a young novelist who writes his dream girl into existence. The Twilight Zone’s Gregory West does the same, but he’s a few decades older than Ruby’s beloved Calvin and has two dream girls floating around his real world. The only difference? Calvin uses a typewriter and Gregory West uses a dictation machine. We won’t spoil anything, but West uses a questionably cruel method to temporarily destroy his characters, whereas Calvin is a bit more respectful of Ruby.