Amazing, Playful Photographs of Strange Objects as Headgear

French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson is known for work that incorporates and comments on the female form, but in her amazing, sometimes amusing series Can’t Get It Out Of My Head, which we first spotted over at My Modern Met, she tries her hand at augmenting that form with, well, whatever she can think of. In the series, a woman wears a variety of very strange headgear, from a squid (Fiona Apple, is that you under there?) to a lampshade to a string of tightly wound christmas lights. Seemingly both a comment on the nature of beauty and the lengths to which many women go for fashion, the project is also wonderful for its sheer lighthearted hilarity. Click through to check out our favorites from Brisson’s Can’t Get It Out Of My Head, and let us know which hat is your favorite in the comments.

Image credit: Emmanuelle Brisson