10 of the Coolest Niche Bookstores From Around the World

We all know about the plight of independent and specialty bookstores, so we won’t lament it again here. Suffice it to say, fellow book and bookstore lovers, that all is not lost! We recently found out about Singularity&Co, a new specialist Sci-Fi bookstore opening up in Brooklyn with a specific mission: to rescue and preserve vintage, out of print sci-fi titles. We’re so excited about this shiny new (and also very old) bookstore that we decided to round up a few more awesome bookstores specializing in everything from murder mysteries to the sea, just waiting to fill your every need. Click through to see some of the coolest niche and specialty bookstores in the world, and since no list like this can ever be really complete, be sure to pitch in with your own favorites in the comments.

Singularity & Co, Brooklyn

Just opened last week, we’re thrilled to welcome this bookstore to the neighborhood. The store’s Save the Sci-Fi campaign will rescue one out of print cult Science Fiction novel each month and make it available online for free — and fans can vote for which one they want the most! And then there’s always the brick-and-mortar store — chock full of the paper versions so you can browse to your heart’s content.