The Helvetica Alphabet as a Squadron of Heroes

Here at Flavorpill, we’re pretty big nerds about typography, and you know we love superheroes, so we’re always going to bite when we see the two cleverly combined. We recently saw superheroes matched with their typographic counterparts, but graphic designer René Mambembé has another vision — that Helvetica works for everyone. In his clever series Helvetica, My Hero, which we first spotted over at Neatorama, Mambembé recasts pop culture heroes (and villains) as letters in everyone’s favorite font, from an upside-down B for Batman to a debonair J for James Bond. Now if only we could turn this into a functional typeface. Click through to see Mambembé superpowered alphabet — and then be sure to head over to his Behance page to see even more from the series. Fonts to the rescue!

Image credit: René Mambembé