The Greatest Post-Apocalyptic Romances on Film

Ah, end-of-the-world romances. Nothing like fending off zombies and/or aliens and/or any variation of “infected” humans with the one you love, eh? Who would you want as a partner in post-apocalyptic crime? Your current squeeze? A sexy stranger? Your best friend? Your pet? Went it comes to films with catastrophic settings, the protagonist never seems to be without a trusty, lovable confidante — someone to make a terrible situation a teensy bit better. After the jump, we’ve gathered eight of the greatest couples from post-apocalyptic films. Check ’em out, and hit the comments to let us know who you’d want as your trusty sidekick.

WALL-E and EVE, WALL-E (2008)

For poor, primitive WALL-E, it’s love at first sight. But EVE is a super-advanced robot who initially thinks she’s too good for him, before falling for his considerable charms and setting into motion an adventure of the most touching variety. If post-apocalyptic animated robot cleaners can make you cry, you know they’re doing something right.