Adorable or Creepy: 12 Personal Robots That Could Change Your Life

The exceedingly charming Robot & Frank opens in theaters on Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited. Set some time in the future, the dramedy heist film starring the always awesome Frank Langella and a cute caretaker robot with a green thumb whose good and bad influence reignites the old man’s passion for life, love, and white collar crime.

The idea of a little metal helper who plants tomatoes, makes healthy meals, cleans the house and is your pal unconditionally might just be the best thing we’ve heard in a long time, so we thought we’d take a gander around the vast virtual marketplace to see who we could bring home today. From caregivers to robots that vacuum and do the bunny hop, click through to check out helpful — adorable — plastic pals of every shape and size. Then, let us know in the comments which mini mechanical bff you’d want to bring home!

ApriPoko by Toshiba

Image credit: Akihabara

The five-inch, 11 pound adorable android will control all of your home electronics. He learns by watching your every move and asking you questions. Turn on the TV, and he’ll ask: “What did you just do?” He commits your answer to memory and then mimics you if you ask him to turn on the TV. Cute, intelligent and creepy?