Alice Bartlett’s Whimsical Fingernail Landscapes

We’ve seen a lot of pretty awesome nail art in our day — from literary nails to musical manicures to Twin Peaks on your fingers — but Alice Bartlett’s adorable 3-D nail pastorals might just take the cake. For these clever manicures, which we recently spotted over at Lost at E Minor, Bartlett used miniature figures and what looks like astroturf to create a handful of movable scenes, her characters perched on perfect grassy knolls. While we can’t imagine that a manicure like this would be very practical in day to day life — imagine the tiny-person carnage the first time you tried to open a can of soda — we absolutely love the idea. Click through to check out Bartlett’s picnic-worthy nails, and then head over to her Flickr to see more of her photography.

Image credit: Alice Bartlett