’90s TV Teachers: Where Are They Now?

Fixated as we are on our own childhoods, we tend to look back on our favorite ’90s TV kids and teenagers fairly frequently. But recently — and perhaps this is just us showing our age — our thoughts have turned to their teachers. While Mr. Feeny, Ms. Jacobs, and Coach Cutlip didn’t get nearly as much screen time as the kids on Boy Meets World, Dawson’s Creek, and The Wonder Years, they made more of an impression than their students might like to admit. Find out what’s become of ’90s TV teachers, from series regulars who shared their wisdom (or just their anger) with the younger generation to the most memorable of guest stars, below.

William Daniels, Boy Meets World’s George Feeny

Perhaps better known to your parents as Dustin Hoffman’s dad in The Graduate, William Daniels became the most memorable TV educator of the ’90s in his role as Mr. Feeny. Initially Cory Matthews’ middle-school teacher, Feeny was soon promoted to high-school principal — not to mention, to Cory’s continued horror, his next door neighbor. His firm but fair wisdom even followed his former students to college, where he eventually became a professor. But how has Daniels passed the time since Boy Meets World ended its seven-season run in 2000? You may have spotted the 85-year-old actor in any number of TV guest spots, from The Closer to Grey’s Anatomy. He’s also been known to reprise his ’80s role as the voice of KITT, the car from Knight Rider (yes, that was Mr. Feeny!), for one-off stints on The Simpsons and in that awful David Spade/Rob Schneider/Jon Heder movie The Benchwarmers.