10 Industrial Water Towers Converted Into Awesome, Modern Homes

There’s nothing we love more here at Flavorpill HQ than awesome homes in unusual places, so after spotting a clever water tower remodel by our favorite self-taught Tunisian designer, the great Tom Dixon, over on — of all places — Airbnb, we decided to invest some time in a little Friday afternoon self-guided Google Search tour of the emerging design trend.

From a stunning retreat in a fairytale forest complete with a rooftop winter garden to a seven-story tower that’s straight out of a James Bond movie, click through to check out remarkable industrial conversions of abandoned water towers around the world. What do you think? Could you live in a concrete cylinder?

Woning Moereels Apartments by Jo Crepain of Crepain Binst Architecture — Antwerp, Belgium

Image credit: I Love Belgium

When faced with the option to tear down the concrete structure or re-purpose the building, the Belgian municipality decided on the latter. Übertalented Jo Crepain accepted the assignment and created a stunning home with panoramic views of the surrounding forest and a winter garden on the roof. The coolest thing about this to-die-for home: the original water reservoir was left exposed on the ground floor. Perfect for a unique indoor pool party and private late-night skinny dipping.