The Double Lives of Design Objects: Secret Compartment Style

Whether you have a few secrets to hide, limited space, or you simply appreciate the element of surprise, designers have been responding to your needs by incorporating hidden compartments in everyday objects that conceal your prized possessions. Rather than stashing stuff under a mattress, or locking it up far from home in a safe-deposit box, why not try one of these stylish and fun ways to keep your valuables and unmentionables under wraps? After spotting a shelf that doubles as a drawer on DesignBoom — which we feature past the break — we felt inspired to investigate the double lives of other design objects. Click through for more.

Secret, Skinny Shelf-Drawer

It looks like a simple, wooden, contemporary shelf you might buy somewhere like Ikea, but Clopen — designed by Japanese firm Torafu Architects — contains a super skinny, secret hideaway. The shelving unit is actually constructed of aluminum with a veneer exterior and reveals a 23mm thick drawer that can only be opened with a set of magnetic keys. Passports, jewels, and other tiny objects could easily live inside the sleek unit.