TV’s All-Time Greatest Himbos

Damn those short HBO seasons. This year’s True Blood run seems like it just started, yet we’re now only three days away from the finale. We enjoyed this season a great deal, the Vampire Authority’s internal intrigue providing a welcome break from Sookie Stackhouse’s supernatural love triangle — not to mention a surprisingly insightful commentary on what happens when church and state mingle. But one character whose development has remained fairly unexamined this season is Sookie’s brother, Jason. Originally presented as an empty-headed looker with a womanizing streak, he’s recently turned the himbo stereotype on its head. To celebrate his under-the-radar evolution (and the fact that he’s still sometimes a little too stupid for his own good), we’ve collected a selection of TV’s all-time greatest male bimbos — or “himbos” — most of whom aren’t nearly as multi-dimensional.

Jason Stackhouse, True Blood

When he came into our lives, Jason Stackhouse was your typical — if also uncommonly hunky — good, old boy. His life consisted of working on a road crew and bedding an endless cast of women. But if there’s been one theme to the character’s arc, it’s that his sexual irresponsibility gets him into trouble. In the past five seasons, Jason’s romantic exploits all ended pretty poorly. He’s been framed for serial murder, raped by werepanther women, and, most recently, nearly turned into a vampire by the woman who truly loves him. As a result of these painful experiences, over the years, Jason has become increasingly thoughtful about his promiscuity and relationships with women.