Graffiti Street Scenes Vividly Recreated in Beeswax and Thread

Laura Ortiz Vega is somewhat of a remix artist. She scouts locations around her native Mexico City and documents the freshest, most vibrant graffiti she can find. Then she recreates the images through a painstaking ancient artisan technique of the Huichol people by tightly weaving and stringing colorful wool threads, gluing the coils with a natural beeswax called cera de campeche for authenticity. Part (traditionally) feminine craft, part (traditionally) masculine street culture, part new, part old, and all very much in the vein of her culture, Vega re-invents the form with her clever, devoted and fun work. Up close, the mastery is really apparent. Take a gander at some of our favorite pieces below. 

Laura Ortiz Vega. Guadalajara Sunday 2012, thread & beeswax on board, 18 x 24 in / 45.72 x 61 cm. Courtesy Lyon Wier Gallery.