Literal Architecture: 12 Awful Buildings Designed to Look Like Other Things

As proud, card carrying members of the creative class, we know all to well that finding original and intelligent inspiration can be tough, especially in a world where even the most obscure references are a few expert keystrokes away. Yes, keeping up with a well-edited Tumblr dashboard is enough to make your head spin, but still, it’s no excuse for lazy, uninspired design. As with anything, there’s the bad, the ugly, and then, there’s the unforgivable. Let us warn you dear readers: the architecture you are about to see falls definitively in to the latter category.

From a hotel intentionally designed to look like a commonplace salt shaker to the worst, larger than life representation of a fish we’ve ever seen, click through to check out our irreverent roundup of unfortunate design inspiration. Then, take the opportunity to pass a little anonymous judgement and nominate your picks in the comments below!

Holiday Inn inspired by a sugar shaker — Townsville, Australia

Image credit: City Noise; Alibaba