Striking Portraits of Kenya’s Samburu People

If you’ve always wanted to see Kenya, but can’t afford the plane ticket, we’re going to assume that this breathtaking photo series by Amsterdam-based art director Diego Arroyo, which we spotted thanks to our friends at Lost at E Minor, is the next best thing. “It was a journey full of adventures and enriching experiences where I tried to depict the most real Kenya, the one you can’t easily find on the tourist routes,” he has said of the photos, which were taken on the island of Lamu. “I especially enjoyed spending some days with the Samburu, semi-nomadic pastoralists related but distinct to the Maasai. They still maintain an amazing culture and its people seem to have a special kindness that inspired me in many ways.” Click through to check out a slideshow of our favorite shots from Arroyo’s travels, and if you’re a fan of his work too, pick up a print over at Society6.

Photo credit: Diego Arroyo