10 Trendsetting Elderly Style Icons

Both outrageously funny, pioneering, and strikingly stylish, Phyllis Diller and Helen Gurley Brown are two “glam-mas” that are very much missed. While the Cosmo editor-in-chief opted for shrewd sophistication over Diller’s exaggerated, gaudy glamour, the groundbreaking duo made bold style statements that exceeded mere fashion, up until their final days. They owned their look through and through, and we’ve selected a group of golden girls that match Diller and Brown’s trendsetting sensibility. Click through for a look at a few of our favorite age-defying style icons.

Helen Mirren

Naturally beautiful and effortlessly sexy, 67-year-old Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren doesn’t always fuss with age-appropriate fashion. She’s never one to shy away from taking style risks, but she remains sophisticated and glamorous whether in Michael Kors or nothing at all. Just ask New York Magazine who recently did a nude photo shoot with the quietly edgy and versatile Mirren in a bathtub. “I’m still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl,” she confessed.