Spirited Photos of Heavy Metal Fans

Killer Angels: Faces of Deathfest is Baltimore-based photographer J.M. Giordano’s photo series capturing a slice of Maryland’s metal music event that features death metal, grindcore, doom, thrash, hardcore, black metal, and experimental bands from around the globe. Giordano created portraits of the fans at Deathfest in all their black-clad, corpse-painted, and tattooed glory. The spirited images capture the blend of stoicism and adrenaline permeating the event and prove that many horns were thrown. You an see the artist’s work at the CA Gallery in Baltimore this month in the exhibit American Sugar. “It’s all about sex, sugar, and the unnatural flavors of America,” he reveals on his website. Click through our gallery below, and invoke the metal gods.

Image credit: J.M. Giordano [Spotted via Dripbook]