Intriguing Photos of School Kids Around The World

Photographer Julian Germaine began this amazing series in 2004, and since then has captured classrooms in Brazil, Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan… and many, many more. Over 450 portraits of school children reveal vast cultural differences and poignant human similarities. There’s always the coy girl, a rebellious twinkle in her eye — whether she’s wearing a festive sweater, a hijab, or a unisex mechanics jumpsuit. There’s always the introvert, slumping out of the frame, retreating into a daydream, whether in a packed kindergarten playroom or a prim lecture hall. There’s always the gang in the back, brimming with unsettled anticipation… or are we projecting? Maybe. But really, it’s a fascinating project. Take an international tour with a slideshow of images from the Classroom Portraits series, as spotted by Brain Pickings, and experience nostalgia for a time when you too were a school-age kid.

Image: Julian Germain. England, Erith, Year 10, English