10 of the World’s Most Remote Museums

Here at Flavorpill, we have a thing for gorgeous museums and virtual globetrotting, so we thought it was fitting to give you fabulous fodder for adventure daydreaming on one of the last Summer Fridays of the year by taking a look at stunning museums in some of the most remote locations in the world.

As Helen Keller, the eternally inspiring, well-traveled activist and author, once said, “life is either a great adventure or nothing,” and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re planning your next extreme vacation or just want to get the mental heck out of dodge, click through to check out some extraordinary museums that will require logging a few extra hours with your online travel agency of choice. Help us discover more awesome isolated cultural destinations by telling us about any you’ve visited in the comments below!

World Mammoth and Permafrost Museum by Balmori Associates and Leeser Architecture — Yakutsk, Siberia

Image credit: Leeser Architecture via core.form-ula

This ultra modern, super-insulated building is being built to study and showcase the great Siberian mammoth and the region’s unique, naturally patterned permafrost layer. The website states that “the centre will contain an intact mammoth discovered nearby and provide access to underground galleries from which the permafrost can be viewed.” Bundle up, and prepare to ooh and aah over a recently discovered intact woolly mammoth found nearby, and a café that floats above an indoor garden.