Stunning Photos of Greenland’s Icy, Majestic Landscape

Trekking the vast, icy inland of Greenland is no easy task, especially while lugging a large-format camera. Photographer Olaf Otto Becker did just that, navigating the glacial crevasses and melting ice floes — physically challenging and often life-threatening terrain that nearly parallels Antarctica in size. The journey was worth it, as Becker’s stunning, otherworldly photos prove.

The images in our gallery — which we spotted on BDiF — come from the artist’s Broken Line and Above Zero series. The first explores the beautiful, natural icefjord and glacier at Ilulissat — a majestic phenomenon. The latter reveals the melting areas of Greenland’s ice sheets, which recently saw rapid thawing — the fastest rate satellite records have tracked in 30 years. Click through to appreciate these natural wonders that Becker has beautifully documented.

Image credit: Olaf Otto Becker