The Strangest, Coolest Photos of Fireworks We’ve Ever Seen

Every time a big fireworks show comes around, it leaves a legacy of the same old photography — HDR skylines or blackened horizons topped with smeared lines searing outwards, streaming in the same old way they always do. Enough of that. Colossal came across photographer David Johnson, and his series shooting the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, and oh my! He tried to do something different, and got these floral bursts blooming with conical petals, soft pinched triangular patterns that are visually intriguing.

Johnson explains that he manipulated the long exposure, starting out of focus and then refocusing very quickly as he was shooting, and voilà! “The little stems on these deep sea creature lookalikes would grow into a fine point,” he says. “The shapes are quite bizarre, some of them I was pleasantly surprised with.” Check out more here, and please do try to do this at home!

Image credit: David Johnson via Colossal