10 Works of Art Masquerading as Architecture

After spotting Turner Prize-winning artist Rachel Whiteread’s controversial concrete cast of the last Victorian townhouse standing in an East London community scarred by demolition, we couldn’t help but wonder what other fake statement architecture might exist in the world. From Elmgreen & Dragset’s famous faux Prada store on a desolate highway in West Texas to Callum Morton’s giant folly of a 10-story hotel intended to pique interest along an otherwise drab stretch of freeway in Australia, click through to check out buildings that give new meaning to the term art house. Then, tell us know about your favorite intentionally fake design for the sake of art in the comments below!

House by Rachel Whiteread — London, England

Image credit: Artangel; artdesigncafe

Tackling the controversial subjects of displacement and demolition, Whiteread’s intervention exposed the interior of this Victorian townhouse, the last of its kind on the block, casting it in concrete for all eternity as a devastating reminder memorializing our all-too-common tendency to destroy and rebuild.