10 of Our Favorite Quotes from ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Five

As we prepare for the yearlong, mid-season break of AMC’s utterly captivating Breaking Bad, there seems no time quite like the present to look back at some of the first half of the final season’s best quotes. Vince Gilligan’s series has moved in some interesting, new directions — including a few startling attempts to make the audience hate Walter White — but the writing is as crisp and clever as ever. Few shows on television do dialogue like Breaking Bad. There are no throwaway lines, every conversation is filled with hidden meaning that reveals things to come, or offers us extra insight into the characters. This has been true from the beginning, but this season has featured no shortage of memorable dialogue (most of it belonging to Walter and his reluctant partner Mike Ehrmantraut). Join us in remembering ten of the best moments so far. Here’s hoping that Hank and Saul get an opportunity to shine in the finale. We’ve missed them this year. If you’re still playing catch up with season five, consider this your spoiler alert. Drop your favorite quotes in the comments, and tell us how you’ll be “breaking bad” this Sunday.

“Yeah, bitch! Magnets!”

Apart from being damn funny and using Jesse’s catch phrase within the context of the story, it’s a moment of vindication. Jesse’s the third wheel in Breaking Bad’s criminal enterprise — not nearly as street smart as Mike, nor as book smart as Walter, but he winds up conceiving of an idea that could not only save their asses, but actually works. Audiences relate to Jesse since he’s the most moral of the trio, and it’s nice to see the guy everyone has so often overlooked and manipulated succeed in such a big (and funny) way. This is a great human moment for Jesse, where we remember that underneath it all, he’s still just an excitable kid.