Gorgeous Cartographic Paintings by Fernando Vincente

Fernando Vincente, a Madrid-based painter and illustrator, collects old maps and atlases from flea markets and then paints on them, imagining new continents and figures in the same few strokes. More than just plain drawing on maps, Vincente’s work tricks you — if only for a moment — into believing that the world really comes in these shapes, that he’s just pointing out the eyes in the moon that have been there all along. “When I paint I like to do on printed materials, is a way to unite my passion for topics such as anatomy, mechanics and my hobby for collecting posters, maps, atlas geographic and geographical anatomy with my work,” he explains over at iGNANT. Click through to check out a few of our favorites of Vincente’s painted maps, and then be sure to head here to check out more (including a few somewhat NSFW pieces) from the series.

Image credit: Fernando Vincente