10 Awesome B-Movies You Can Watch Online Right Now

Tech Dirt recently tipped us off to a treasure trove of B-movie goodies — all free and awaiting our perusal on YouTube. For almost 40 years, Troma Entertainment has been dishing up B-movie madness, led by independent film champion and man of many hats, Lloyd Kaufman. He founded the company in 1974 with friend Michael Herz and since then has produced and distributed a massive catalogue that has mocked genre tropes and conventions, pushed the boundaries of good taste in weird and hilarious ways, and kept the spirit of trash cinema alive. With 150 films from Troma’s unapologetically over-the-top oeuvre available online, the choices can be overwhelming. We’ve waded through the company’s cult canon for you and have recommended ten of our favorite flicks past the break. Get comfy, order a pizza (extra cheese required), and kill a few brain cells with these entertaining B-films available online right now.

White Zombie

By 1932, Hungarian horror icon Bela Lugosi was struggling with being typecast as a villainous fiend in films, and White Zombie was one of the many movies that found the actor playing yet another evil antagonist. He starred as a nefarious Haitian voodoo witch doctor, sporting one of the best names in horror history: Murder Legendre. This is the same movie that musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie appropriated for his former band, and it’s a gloomy classic worth watching for Lugosi’s menacing performance alone. Co-star Clarence Muse — who played the coach driver in the film — later stated that the hammy, but talented Lugosi helped direct and rewrite the atmospheric, black-and-white gem.