A Photo Catalog of One Woman’s Smashed Mementos

Sometimes, you just want to gather up all of those leftover mementos from your life — “the sock he couldn’t find after our first fight,” the cigarette “left over the last time I quit for good” — and smash them, tear them, shred them, destroy them into little pieces. Artist Amber Crabbe did just that, deconstructing various memory-infused objects from her life and photographing them in pieces, against a black backdrop. It’s a curious display of the material taxonomy of her personal history. Also, they look cool. Don’t you want to see what “the wedding cupcake, smashed by a vodka bottle in the freezer” looks like? Inventory is on display starting this Friday at the San Francisco Foundation & SOMArts Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Awards Exhibition. Click through to preview a few artifacts. 

What he curled up with when we put him down. Photo credit: Amber Crabbe