The Best Dylan Cues in Movie History

So Bob Dyan’s got a new album out today, and while your film editor usually sticks to the movie beat, it’s not like Dylan is just a music figure, or even that vaguest of descriptions, a “pop culture icon.” He’s also an ever-present force in film and television, with his songs (as either writer or performer) appearing in nearly 400 movies and TV shows (according to IMDb). And while at least half of those are lazy filmmakers using the opening riff of Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” cover to convey the turbulence of the sixties, that’s still quite a lot of Zimmy on film — he’s been much more free with his licensing than, say, the Beatles, whose best cinematic cues we ran down a couple of months back. In honor of Dylan’s new record (always a cause for celebration), we do the same for him below — with the same rules, i.e., no covers, no straight-up performances, but scenes where the music of Mr. Dylan is spotlighted, and in turn furthers the action and mood. Our ten favorites are after the jump.

The Big Lebowski

Being the Achievers that we are, we have to start with the Dude — specifically, with this wonderful and memorable sequence from the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski, in which our hero gets clocked on his rug and embarks on a trippy dream sequence to the strains of Dylan’s “The Man in Me,” a carefree obscurity from his 1970 New Morning album. We can’t imagine Dylan would’ve ever envisioned that the tune would end up, nearly 30 years later, as the soundtrack to a bowling ball POV, but hey, visual interpretation is a wild and unpredictable thing.