7 Fall 2012 TV Pilots You Can Watch Online Right Now

The onslaught of fall 2012 TV series debuts begins this week, with networks rolling out their shiny, new programming between now and mid-October. We’ve already let you know which shows we’re most looking forward to, but why simply take our word for it when ABC, NBC, and Fox have already uploaded some of their buzziest pilots for your previewing pleasure? We’ve rounded up all the full episodes that are currently available online, with our initial thoughts on each one, so you can get a jump start on deciding which new shows will get your attention and which aren’t worth a second glance.

Last Resort (ABC)

In a sentence: The crew of a US Navy nuclear submarine receives a mysterious order to launch a missile at Pakistan, and are forced to abandon ship and commandeer an island when they refuse to comply and are attacked by another American sub.

First impression: Action-drama is far from our favorite genre of TV show, but Last Resort‘s pilot is among the best we’ve ever seen. Once the crew of the USS Colorado receives the order, tension soars, with the suspense and surprises maintaining the momentum throughout the entire episode. The pilot covers quite a bit of ground, but not at the expense of character development — this is thanks largely to the strong performances from a cast including Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, Robert Patrick, Autumn Reeser, and Dichen Lachman.