Gorgeous Typewriters to Combat Digital Fatigue

UPPERCASE Magazine, a beautifully designed publication with a tagline that tells us that they’re “for the creative and curious” has launched a DIY Kickstarter-esque campaign to raise funds for a large format, 244-page ode to our favorite retro creative companion titled The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine.

So much more than a welcome splash of color in workspaces dominated by Apple’s well-designed, albeit impersonal, products, the typewriter is a symbol of a simpler creative life. As the book’s concept explains, “the influence of the typewriter has been significant. Most notably, typewriters brought women into the workforce, contributing to emancipation. Great works of literature have been composed with them. The once ubiquitous office tool has had integral roles in film, art and popular culture, elevating it to iconic status.”

Thanks to Etsy, our favorite virtual marketplace championing very-very small business, an awesome vintage typewriter of your own is but a few deft keystrokes away. From the portable model favored by Bob Dylan to Olivetti’s iconic “anti-machine machine for use anyplace but an office,” click through to check out some of the most gorgeous and inspiring typewriters available online today. Kids, they call it a comeback.

Sperry Rand Remington Ten Forty, $59

Made in Holland, this gorgeous cream model is one of the many iconic designs of Carl Sundberg, one of America’s leading late 20th century industrial designers, and quite possibly the most influential typewriter designer of our time.