The Celebrity Couples We’re Most Inexplicably Attached To

We were very upset this week to learn that one of our favorite celebrity couples of all time, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, are getting a divorce after nine years of marriage. In fact, we were much too upset, considering the fact that we know neither party personally, and we know nothing about them as a couple other than what we surmise from photos and the odd interview. But some celebrity couples just have that effect on us — we find ourselves inexplicably attached to them, whether they just make so much sense together, or because they seem to represent some little corner of perfection all on their own. After the jump, we’ve put together a list of such couples, both present and (sadly) past. Click through to see who we chose, and let us know which celebrity couples fascinate you to no end in the comments.

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

Two of the funniest comedians working today — and not least when working together — Arnett and Poehler’s marriage (not to mention their two adorable kids) has always made us feel all warm, fuzzy, and sometimes a little bit pleasantly uncomfortable inside. Sigh. We know it isn’t really about us, but how could they do this to us?