10 of the Greatest Short Stories About Love

Tomorrow, Junot Díaz’s newest story collection, This is How You Lose Her, hits shelves, and we predict that everyone you know will be reading it by the weekend. Or at least they should be — this messy, vulgar set of tales about misadventures of the heart is filled with Díaz’s signature searing voice, loveable/despicable characters and so-true-it-hurts goodness. To celebrate Díaz’s new collection, we’ve put together a collection of a few more of our all-time favorite love stories, from the recent to the classic, and dealing with all kinds of that most complex emotion. Of course, this is not by all means a definitive list — we rejoice at how un-definitive it is, in fact — so please add your own favorite short stories on love in the comments.

“The Cheater’s Guide to Love,” Junot Díaz

Perhaps our favorite in Díaz’s new collection (though several of his stories, new and old, would do), this is not a nice story. Yunior, kicked out after he is caught cheating on his long-term girlfriend, tries in vain to collect himself, to forget, to move on. Though we have to assume he eventually does, the story ends with a moral destined to be scrawled on notebooks for many years to come: “the half-life of love is forever.” Poor everybody.